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Water Crossing and Water Fording

Water crossing, water fording, or simply fording is a scary part of off-roading for many new or experienced drivers.

Simple tips

  • AVOID! while ads and youtube videos may make a water crossing appear to be the picturesque dream of off-roading, fording carries many serious risks to the vehicle and of personal injury. 
  • Visually inspect the crossing. 
  • Physically inspect the crossing, water can be deceiving what appears shallow may, in fact, be deep.
  • Keep slightly forward momentum to build a bow wave. Too slow and you will lose momentum, too fast and water will splash over your vehicle and risk it to damage
  • if you stall in stagnant water be wary of restarting as water will rush into your exhaust lines, best is for a manual recovery.
  • if you stall in moving water IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE ALL OCCUPANTS. Moving water can easily push and roll vehicles.

Dangers include

  • Electrical Damage. Corrosion, short circuits, water logging 
  • Mechanical Damage. Hydro-lock, unknown obstacles.
  • Total loss
  • or even Loss of life