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New to Off-road driving?

New to Off-road driving?

The Hamilton Off Road Club helps many build their skills

Muddy terrain

Driving in the mud is similar to driving in snow, gentle acceleration and lower speeds will help you control the vehicle.

Some easy things to remember

  • Get out and look! (Check for debris that could damage your tires and depth of puddles) 
  • Leave a space cushion (The vehicle in front of you may need to reverse)
  • Drive at a constant speed 15-20kmph (momentum is important, but driving too fast will cause your vehicle to hop in and out of ruts and can cause damage to the trail or vehicle)
  • Follow the path OR straddle the ruts

Tow strap VS Recovery Strap

Tow straps are designed to be strong rigid straps, they're great for strapping things down or in winching situations (like a tree saver) but they do not stretch so if pulled on quickly they can snap. Recovery straps have a bit of a spring-like ability to stretch - it helps slingshot stuck vehicles - and lowers the risk of snapping.

3” wide strap are recommended for most midsized jeeps and suv as anything less might not hold up during a heavy recovery, anything wider may not stretch enough to help tug the vehicle.